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A+ energy efficiency of the project

BREEAM certificate means the building uses consumed resources (electricity, heat, water) sparingly, and expenses for exploitation will be much lower — savings up to 35% compared to non‑certified buildings.
The BREEAM certificate is a confirmation of a high quality of the project, as well as the safe investment of finance.

Perfect living environment

Silence, fresh air, clean water, everything that represents exclusive luxury in a metropolis is brought to the perfection in HILL8. HILL8 project is a synergy of visual comfort, exceptional safety, flawless acoustics, and the highest quality of air and water.

Plenty of light

The project architecture as well as panoramic windows play essential part in creating comfortable natural lighting of all the space in the building. And, of course, it meets the strict BREEAM standards.
A complex alternation of closed and glazed surfaces and blocks with different reliefs is applied to the facades of the building, which lets the space of every room be filled with natural light beyond the set standards of SanPiN and SNiP. Sunlight in HILL8 not only emphasizes originality of each interior detail, but also favourably affects health.
In addition, caring about your health, the BREEAM experts develop individual recommendations for creating optimal light and shadow conditions for suitable lighting intensity in the apartment.

Clean air

Thanks to modern YORK ventilation equipment fresh air before getting to the room goes through subtle cleaning system, where it is cleaned from dust, consisting of small solid particles of organic and mineral origin. There will always be clean air and comfortable atmosphere in your home, even with closed windows.
Air humidification systems are placed in public places. And the central air conditioning system spares you the necessity of installing traditional air conditioners.
The project completely implements the principle of an ecological development. The latest technologies will be applied at the stage of construction as well as in the process of exploitation, which will let us keep ecological indicators unharmed.


Efficient resource consumption will become part of HILL8 culture, which is why every detail of the building is designed and built considering maximum efficiency in further operation. An intelligent system controls microclimate of each room, including setting the temperature and power saving mode. So the owner doesn't overpay for unused natural resources.

Energy consumption control

All materials, systems and equipment in HILL8 have reduced level of energy consumption, which is confirmed by A+ class and BREEAM certificate.

Heating control

Individual heating system and walls with increased heat and sound insulation make for minimum losses of heating energy.

Water consumption control

When choosing equipment true ecological efficiency was prioritized, so that it saves inefficient water consumption.
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