Minimalism in every detail/

for life

Plenty of sunlight

Natural light in HILL8 accentuates originality of every detail of the interior, and contributes to well‑being
The facades of the house have a combination of hidden and glazed surfaces, blocks of different relief, so each room is full of sunlight.
The living space for a comfortable living in HILL8 was designed by the most famous architect of Moscow — Boris Uborevich‑Borovsky, chairman of the Moscow Architectural Society, professor at Moscow Architectural Institute and the head of the studio.

Lifestyle for the citizens of the future

As an architect, Uborevich-Borovskiy pays a lot of attention to architectural integrity, light, volumes, space and its formation, work with natural materials, pleasant textures, color variability.
Has been engaged in architecture for more than 30 years
More than 40 interior designs of flats and country houses
More than 100 different awards and nominations in design and architecture Contests
Working in design and interiors for 22 years

Two styles to choose from

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Living room


Traditional German quality, tangible comfort and inimitable design for sophisticated buyer.
Bathroom fitments
Unmatched design and patented technology of the German company.
Ceramic tile by Porcelanosa
Authentic design, originality, relevance, verified geometry, lifelong guarantee, lack of color deviations — it is rightfully considered to be the trendsetter of the ceramic fashion.


Engineered hardwood flooring by Finex
Only natural wood of the European part of Russia and German oils and waxes on natural basis, allowed for use in children's toys, floors from Finex array are absolutely ecological and natural.
Built-in convectors
Floor-mounted heaters are placed along panoramic window openings to create a thermal curtain between the space of the room and the cold glazing surface.
Future Linear Sockets and switches
This is the style and convenience of the leading German company ABB. The concentration of simple efficiency and functionality fascinates with its clarity and independence.

Living room

Porcelain tile in the kitchen and hallway — Venis Ocean Beige
The evolution of porcelain stoneware including quality, design, new uses in architecture and environmental commitments in the manufacturing process.
Panoramic windows — Schüco International Moscau Ag
Protection against external noise, vibrations and hot sunshine. Sputtering of ionized silver.
Accessories — Pasini Trend
The combination of modernity and time-tested classical design is the highest Italian quality, elegance and originality.

Balconies and loggias

All apartments of the complex provide panoramic windows. Planning solutions meet the latest functional requirements.

Enjoy the views

In the HILL8 project, the luxurious interior is combined with unforgettable views, where an inspiring panorama will become part of your life.
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